The story

Is it possible to highlight environmental and social issues in a designcontext?

We want to raise questions and inspire others to join us on our path to make a change.


SKRYTA [slow design] is a small design studio located in the heart of Gothenburg. We make handmade lampshades loaded with love and good stories and a focus on environmental and social sustainability. We want to show people

that it’s possible to manufacture products with a high design factor from waste materials and with alternative manufacturing methods both in large-scale production and as limited editions.


The intention with our way of working is to build bridges and emphasize various issues. We want to encourage people to adopt a slower pace in their lives and their work, which will give them space for reflection and thought. Challenge how things are made in an age when everyone is in such a hurry.


Our lampshades are made from different kinds of textile waste or leftovermaterial from both consumers and industrial production. They are then manufactured in collaboration with Göteborgs Stadsmission who offers work in a socially sustainable way. Craftsman-like production contributes to create peace and quiet in which to work, balance and room for reflection. But also the invigorating feeling of being part of something. 


We turn what is a drawback in rational production to our advantage. Good use is made of even little pieces, odds and ends become a treasure trove of variation, and the material shapes its own story. We love the diversity that waste and leftover material offers.

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