About Göteborgs Stadsmission

As an idea-based organization, Göteborg Stadsmission often meets people who, based on their experiences and abilities, are in need of various activities to approach the labor market.

The mission of Göteborgs Stadsmission is to support people into a life of inclusion. One of the their tools for offering people a way back to or back to the Swedish labor market is the the textile work. In the textile work, they offer people the opportunity to work by developing textile knowledge and manufacturing products that are sold in their secondhand stores.

Through their collaboration with us they got an eye on how work training could be developed and improved. In the work training process they produce our lamps for different public environments. Being a participant in creating a product that is available at design hotels and in similar interior environments gives added values. A pride of work, increased self-esteem and well-being; a strengthening feeling from being part of something bigger.

"This is a fantastic project,
a win-win for everyone"                   

We are so proud to present our partner in this, Göteborg Stads-mission and Mari Forsgren, our fantastic production manager.

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